Stop analysing your users. Start listening to them.

Ask your users to record themselves using your product in their browser while thinking out loud, just with a link. No need to install anything!

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Hey! It's Jim and Scott here, the makers behind thinkoutloud.io.

We believe user testing is one of the best tools we all have to build a product our users will love.

But it’s very expensive and time-consuming.

Well - not anymore!

With thinkoutloud you can ask from anybody to record and send videos of themselves using your product or prototypes while thinking out loud.
All you have to do is to send them a link and they can do it easily in their browser, without installing anything!

What's the big deal?

  • πŸ‘‰ It's affordable (starts from $0 per month)
  • πŸ‘‰ Testers don't need to install any browser extension or app to record themselves. They can do it natively in their browser.
  • πŸ‘‰ It's fun-to-use. It doesn't feel like using a boring user research/survey tool

Scott & Jim

The makers of Think Out Loud